Trans & Gender Diverse LCSH

This is a list of Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) that can be used for trans and gender diverse resources. This section does not include headings established with free-floating or geographic subdivisions. The list was initially created as an appendix to Metadata Best Practices for Trans and Gender Diverse Resources by the Trans Metadata Collective. It is useful to consider these headings alongside the recommendations for their usage in the best practices document (especially section 3.1, Subject Headings & Authorities). Section 3.1 includes comments about some headings and, in some cases, advises avoiding others. There are also suggestions of combinations of headings that can be used when no appropriate heading exists. 

The list was last updated October 25, 2023 and is current to List 08, 2023. The most current version of LCSH can be searched for free at Library of Congress Authorities or Library of Congress Linked Data Service

African American transgender people

African American transsexuals

Bible–Transgender interpretations

Children of transgender parents

Children of transsexual parents

Christian transgender people

Christian transsexuals

Church work with transgender people

Female-to-male transsexuals

Female-to-male transsexuals in art

Gender-affirming care

Gender dysphoria

Gender dysphoria–Religious aspects–Christianity

Gender dysphoria–Religious aspects–Islam

Gender dysphoria in adolescence

Gender dysphoria in children

Gender euphoria

Gender expression

Gender expression–Law and legislation

Gender identity

Gender identity–Law and legislation

Gender identity–Religious aspects–Buddhism

Gender identity–Religious aspects–Catholic Church

Gender identity–Religious aspects–Christianity

Gender identity–Religious aspects–Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Gender identity–Religious aspects–Hinduism

Gender identity–Religious aspects–Islam

Gender identity–Religious aspects–Judaism

Gender identity–Religious aspects–Mormon Church

Gender identity–Religious aspects–Neopaganism

Gender identity–Religious aspects–United Methodist Church

Gender identity in advertising

Gender identity in art

Gender identity in children

Gender identity in comics

Gender identity in dance

Gender identity in education

Gender identity in literature

Gender identity in mass media

Gender identity in motion pictures

Gender identity in music

Gender identity in science

Gender identity in sports

Gender identity in the Bible

Gender identity in the Qur’an

Gender identity in the theater

Gender identity in the workplace

Gender identity on television

Gender-neutral toilet facilities

Gender-nonconforming children

Gender-nonconforming children in literature

Gender-nonconforming people

Gender-nonconforming people–Identity

Gender-nonconforming people in library science

Gender-nonconforming people’s writings

Gender-nonconforming people’s writings, American

Gender-nonconforming people’s writings, Czech

Gender-nonconforming people’s writings, Russian

Gender-nonconforming woodworkers

Gender-nonconforming youth

Gender nonconformity

Gender nonconformity–Religious aspects–Catholic Church

Gender nonconformity–Religious aspects–Christianity

Gender nonconformity–Religious aspects–Hinduism

Gender nonconformity–Religious aspects–Islam

Gender nonconformity–Religious aspects–Judaism

Gender nonconformity–Religious aspects–Lutheran Church

Gender nonconformity–Religious aspects–Neopaganism

Gender nonconformity–Religious aspects–United Church of Canada

Gender nonconformity in literature

Gender nonconformity on television

Gender reassignment surgery

Gender transition

Gender transition–Hormone therapy

Gender transition–Law and legislation

Gender transition in literature

Gender transition (Jewish law)

Jewish transgender people

Jewish transsexuals

Legal assistance to transgender people

Libraries and transgender people

Libraries and transsexuals

Libraries–Special collections–Gender identity

Libraries–Special collections–Transgender people

Male-to-female transsexuals

Minority transgender women

Names, Personal–Law and legislation

Older transgender people

Older transsexuals

Parents of gender-nonconforming children

Parents of transgender children

Parent of transsexuals

Restrooms–Law and legislation

Social work with gender-nonconforming youth

Social work with transgender people

Social work with transgender youth

Subject headings–Gender nonconformity

Subject headings–Transsexuals

Top surgery (Gender reassignment surgery)

Trans-exclusionary radical feminism

Transgender artists

Transgender athletes

Transgender children

Transgender college students

Transgender college teachers

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Transgender journalists

Transgender legislators

Transgender librarians

Transgender men

Transgender military personnel

Transgender musicians

Transgender parents

Transgender people

Transgender people–Employment–Law and legislation

Transgender people–Identity

Transgender people in art

Transgender people in library science

Transgender people in literature

Transgender people in mass media

Transgender people in motion pictures

Transgender people in popular culture

Transgender people’s writings

Transgender people’s writings, American

Transgender people’s writings, Canadian

Transgender people’s writings, Spanish American

Transgender police officers

Transgender prisoners

Transgender singers

Transgender students

Transgender superheroes

Transgender teachers

Transgender veterans

Transgender women

Transgender youth


Transphobia in medical care

Transphobia in schools

Transphobia in the military

Transphobia–Law and legislation

Transsexual college students

Transsexual librarians

Transsexual parents

Transsexual students

Transsexual youth


Transsexualism–Religious aspects–Catholic Church

Transsexualism–Religious aspects–Christianity

Transsexualism–Religious aspects–Hinduism

Transsexualism–Religious aspects–Islam

Transsexualism–Religious aspects–Judaism



Transsexuals in literature

Transsexuals in motion pictures

Transsexuals’ writings

Transsexuals’ writings, American

Two-spirit people

Two-spirit people in literature

Voice, Change of